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Diablo 4 legendary items are at the top tier of the itemisation system. As item quality increases, an item’s affixes will improve and will allow players to dip into areas of their talents that they may not have focused on in their talent tree. This will allow players to create more diverse character builds.

Diablo 4 Item Tiers

The tiers of items progress as follows.

  • Normal: 1 modifier
  • Magic: 1 random modifier
  • Rare: 2 extra random modifiers
  • Legendary: 2 random modifiers and 1 Legendary modifier.
  • Set Item: Unknown
  • Ancient Set: Unknown

The top tier items are Mythic Items and only one can be equipped with four Legendary powers per item. Legendaries are being designed to offer customised skills beyond the skill system.

During the 2019 BlizzCon playable demo only a few Legendary items were available to players. A single Mythic item could also be found, the Obsidian Heart Amulet. These give a taste of the higher tier items players can expect to find when the game launches. It’s highly likely stats could change prior to release as Blizzard continues to balance the game and itemisation systems.

Legendary Items - Dec 2021

Legendary Items – Dec 2019





Chest Armor



Diablo 4 Mythic Items [Removed] – Dec 2019